Deposit and withdrawals

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Go to the withdrawal page in the 'Wallet' section of My Yazhi Market.

Select the payment method and click the 'Draw' button
Select the wallet from which you wish to withdraw the funds and complete the necessary fields.
Select the reason for withdrawal and enter the PIN that you received via email or SMS and click 'Submit.'
Please note that your profile must be fully verified in order to request a withdrawal.

All withdrawal requests will be processed by our Back Office Department within 24 hours, but the time required for the funds to be transferred to your account will depend on the method of payment used.

-Bank Wires: between 3 and 5 business days.

-Credit/debit card: between 3 – 10 business days.

-E-wallets: within 1 business day.

You will need to send us an official document from the card issuer stating that the card has been cancelled or lost, and we will inform you about how to proceed.

If this is your first withdrawal, you should ensure that the withdrawal is made on the same card used to make your initial deposit.

Your withdrawal will be processed automatically if your e-wallet has already been checked.

Yes, provided that you have a sufficient free margin on your account to cover the withdrawal and any additional fees that may arise.
Here, you can calculate your free margin.

You must check that you have already used this form to make a deposit.

Go to the 'Internal Transfer' page in My Yazhi Market's 'Wallet.'
Choose the amount from and to the account that you want to transfer funds and click 'Confirm.'

- Only internal transfers can be made between your own business accounts
- Only those accounts can make transfers in currency.
- No internal transfers have a minimum/maximum limit.
- If you have a bonus on your account, then we may have to cancel the bonus under the terms and conditions. If so, we will email you to confirm that you would like your request to proceed with.

No, all transfers internally are free.

However, if the currency varies between the two accounts, the funds will be converted on the basis of the Yazhi exchange rate on the day the funds are credited to the account.

Internal transfers shall be processed within minutes. If you have any delays, please contact our Back Office department.

If your deposit has been refused, there should be an email in your inbox explaining the reasons for the decline.

You can also check the status of your deposit/withdrawal in My Yazhi.

Your request may have been rejected for one of the reasons given below:

- Insufficient balance of funds.

- Since last deposit, no trade activity.

- Details are incorrect.

- Insufficient open position margin.

- The withdrawal procedure is different from the payment method used for the deposit.

- Credit/Debit card withdrawal exceeds the amount of your deposit.

- Cancelation does not cover system fees.

- No further requested information was submitted.

- Transfer request from a third party.

Please contact your account service manager, customer support, or back office if you require further clarification.

Please email our back office for more information if you do not receive your withdrawal.

- Free margin inadequate.

- Your account has a bonus.

Yazhi offers a wide range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank wire transfers and local payment solutions.

You should note that we do not accept cash deposits.

Limits are set individually by payment providers. The minimum/maximum for each method can be found on My Yazhi Market.

After completing the steps outlined in 'How do I deposit funds into my account?' You will be redirected to the website of your selected e-wallet in order to approve your transaction.

Please note that some e-wallets may require additional information.