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Trade in people depends on future expectations and many factors shape them.

Some companies hedge currency exposure to protect the company, some fundamental traders concentrate on factors that affect whole economies' strength, others technical traders seeking price patterns to trigger their trades are aimed at each market participant. There are also central banks, hedge funds and financial institutions, all of which offer different trade objectives and interpretations.

A strict regulatory framework applies to the Yazhi market. All client funds are kept in segregated accounts in top-tier banks, ensuring that your investments are secure at all times.
We also ensure all necessary precautionary measures are taken to secure your information. Find out more about our Data Protection Policy.

You can refer all the documents related to our business relationship can be found on our Account Opening Agreements page.

You've got the following options:

If the ID document you have already uploaded indicates your current address, no other document is required.
You can submit a bank/card statement, a residence certificate, utility bills such as a gas bill, mobile phone bill or a tenancy contract.
You can provide an additional ID document to indicate your current address.
You can also provide us with a proof of residence document issued on behalf of your landlord, parent or spouse. Please specify the name of the document Proof of Residence when uploading the document to Yazhi Market.
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Once you upload all your documents, it may take up to 10 minutes to 24 hours to check your profile during working hours.

Fundamental analysis is a form of research that looks into the political, economic, and social factors that influence a country's currency. Fundamentals examine the supply and demand forces that affect currencies, goods, and stocks, which can be affected by economic releases, geopolitical conflicts, seasonality's, interest rate shifts, central bank news, and other factors.

This refers to open position's management. This includes reducing risk when trade is profitable by bringing the loss stop closer to the market price or lowering trade losses.

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Absolutely, how soon you begin your success is linked directly to. Start with a small, realistic purpose and practice.

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