Making Deposit

This may be due to additional charges incurred by your payment provider/bank. If this is the case, please contact your payment processor for further clarification as we do not have access to third-party service systems.

You need to contact your dedicated account service manager for step-by-step information on how to deposit using local payment solutions

Your request may have been rejected for one of the reasons given below:

- Card not active for online activities-Payment declined by card issuer-3D security (Credit/Debit Card)

- Details of incorrect card-System Error

- Invalid name of email/user (E-wallets)

- Closed Account-Miscellaneous account number-Miscellaneous purpose of payment (bank – wire)

- The transaction rejected by the bank

- Transfer from a third party. (Payment at local level)

- Information of invalid recipients.

- Payment is not accepted

If you need further clarification, please contact your Account Service Manager, Customer Support or Back Office.

No, we do not accept transfers from third parties. The name of the sender must match the name used to register with Yazhi.

Yes, you can. Please contact Customer Support or our Back Office Department to correct the negative balance on your account.

If the funds are deposited through the shareholder's personal bank account, the following:

If you are the sole shareholder, the deposit may be processed, but the withdrawal must be returned to the same bank account as the initial deposit.

If there are several shareholders: we need the written consent of all shareholders. Once written consent has been received, the funds will be processed. If a withdrawal is requested, the funds must be returned to the same bank account as the initial deposit.

You can find full details of your transactions in the History section by following the steps below

Go to the Transaction History section

Find the transaction in question.

Click on the number of the transaction ID.

We offer a variety of local payment solutions for different countries; you can find a full list of these options on the Yazhi Market.

Wallets are created automatically when you open your MY Yazhi Market account and can be used to make deposits, withdrawals and internal transfers to and from your trading accounts in different currencies or to invest.

All Yazhi registered customer.

Open the Deposit page in the My Yazhi Market Deposit section.

Select the deposit method you prefer and click the Deposit button.

Choose your wallet and fill out the fields you want to deposit money.

Confirm on the next page your deposit information.

You can ask your payment provider for some additional steps.

Details about the processing time for each payment method can be found on our Deposits and Withdrawals page.

If we need to request and verify additional information, the processing time may be longer.

Please note that Yazhi is not liable for any delays caused by the third-party payment processor.

All deposits made during the weekend/bank holidays shall be processed according to the standard processing times for each payment method.