Placing trade

The forex market is open from 22:00 GMT Sunday (the start of the Australian trading session) to 22:00 GMT Friday (the end of the trading session) (closing of the US trading session).

A merchant has a Yazhi market that can access the currency market. All that is necessary is an Internet connection computer (or smartphone/tablet) that is free to download from our website and the Meta Trader 5 platform. Currency orders for purchase and sale may be sent from the platform directly. The trader attempts to predict movement of currency, in other words, on the basis of a fundamental and technical analysis, to buy a currency at the lowest price and then sell the currency on the increase of price. The profit of the trader corresponds to the resulting price difference.

The Yazhi Market also offers algorithmic trading on robots.

You can also conveniently trade currencies from your tablet or smartphone. With the Meta Trader 5 mobile platform, you can trade at anytime from anywhere on the Forex market. Download your mobile app for free, and take your trading account with you wherever you go!

Message: no connection means that you have chosen the wrong server.

Message: invalid account means that you entered the wrong ID/password.

Go to the 'Dash Board' section of MyYazhi.

Click on the arrow next to the 'Deposit' button on the account you want to change the password and select 'Change Password Trade.'
Click 'Next' and enter the PIN sent to the relevant fields by e-mail or SMS.
Create your new password and click the 'Submit' button.

Orders in which the price is reached: Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Sell Limit and Sell Stop are executed immediately.

However, in the event of rapid market movements, price gaps, important microeconomic releases, etc., we reserve the right to execute the order at the first available price.

Yes, we're offering.

If you trade with us, slippages hardly ever happen. However, sometimes your order may be filled at a different rate than you asked, in particular when important economic news is released, due to a sharp rise/decline in the market price.

Yazhi fulfils your orders at the best market price available, which is in your value.

A stop loss order closes a previously opened position at a price that is less profitable for the client than the price at the time the stop loss is placed. A stop loss is a cap you place on your order. Your order will be closed until this limit is reached. When placing stop/limit orders, keep in mind that you must leave some distances from the current market price. For more information on the point distance between each currency pair, click here.

If the market goes against you, using a stop loss will help you limit your losses. On BUY, stop loss points are always set below the current BID price, and on SELL, they are always set above the current ASK price.

You will begin your personal involvement with a reputable company and successful professional traders. We're going to teach you all the processes to be successful. We will provide you with ongoing personal support, research and education. We offer advanced trading courses as you progress and guarantee during any course, if it's not up to your expectations, we will refund the cost of the course.

Reliable sources indicate that about 5.7 trillion dollars of currency are traded on FOREX every day. Most of the volume has historically been generated by major investors, banks, financial institutions and governments. Thanks to the Internet, more and more people like us are starting to learn about the opportunities and get involved.

Technical Analysis refers to the analysis of historical price actions to determine future pricing patterns on the market. This can be done with a combination of technical indicators and other analytical tools. Technical analysts often look for resistance and support and identify trends and changes.