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Click ‘Send PIN’ to receive the access code by SMS and Email.

Enter the PIN in the relevant field.

Click ‘Register Now.’

Any request to open an account or change a password requires a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your PIN will be e-mailed and sent by SMS, so that you can enter one of the PINs.

You can reset your password in 3 simple steps:

Enter your Yazhi ID or email

Enter PIN

Enter new password.

Please make sure that you keep your password in a safe place and do not disclose it to any third parties.

You can change your name by emailing document(s) at to explain why you wish to change it. In the status of your request, we will then contact you.

By sending us a copy of your proof of residence document you can modify your residence address. We'll update your profile afterwards.
Details about acceptable residence documents are available here.

Please check the following before you upload:

The size of your document does not exceed 25MB.

The file is in one of the following formats: gif, jpg, tiff, png, doc, docx and pdf.

If an error message persists, you can send your documents to

Shortly after registration, you received the email. Please use the reset password service if you did not receive this email.

Please click on 'Change' under the 'Actions' column and follow the steps to change your e-mail address or phone number in Yazhi Market on your user profile page.

Once you become a verified client, you will have access to all of Yazhi’s products and services. Verify your profile by uploading clear colour copies (mobile photo or a scan) of the following documents:

Proof of identity – passport, national identity card or driving license if your identification document also states your correct residential address, then an additional proof of address document may not be required.

Proof of address – bank/card statement or utility bill, issued no longer than 6 months ago. Examples of documents which can be provided are:

Water/gas/electric/internet/telephone bill.
Residency certificate.

Yazhi Dashboard is your personal gateway to the Yazhi Market where you can open trading accounts, download trading platforms, upload verification documents, deposit and withdraw funds, sign up for webinars and more.

If you receive this post, it means that Yazhi has already registered your phone number or email address.

If you've forgotten your password, you can generate a new one by following the steps below.

It's important to remember that you can only have one My Yazhi account. In My Yazhi, you can build additional trading accounts and access other products and services.

It is not possible to change your account type, but you can easily open an additional account in the MT5 Area at any time by selecting the account type of your choice.

The base currency of your current trading account cannot be changed. You can, however, create a new account in the Members Area at any time and choose the base currency of your choice.