Trading account

You can find a full list of all the trading instruments that we offer here.

Yes, All accounts

Yes. Yes

We offer floating distributions throughout our accounts. Please visit our contract specifications page for full information.

In the My Yazhi Market, select 'MT5' tab.

Choose the type of account you wish to open and click Open New Account.

Complete the details required and click on 'Open Account.'

As many as you want.

You can see all your live, demo and investment accounts and wallets in the Accounts Overview section of My Yazhi.

The maximum amount available is 1:100.


Standard, Mini, Micro.
You can find full information on our contract specification page.

100Lots, it’s based on your investment.

1 spread out. That's 20% of stop out.

This is used as a public password that you can use to show your investor results and has no trading permissions.

Please note that your read-only password should be different from the password of your trading account.