Trading Account Information

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The Lot Size and Stop Loss/Take profit settings are wrong.

Go to the 'Tools' portion of the platform after signing in.

Select ‘Server' from the ‘Options' menu.

Select ‘OK' after clicking the ‘Enable News' box.

Please be aware that during times of heavy economic announcements, the news tab can require additional CPU use, which may cause your platform to slow down.

After opening your platform, select the 'Login' option in the 'File' menu.

Enter your account number and your password.

Select the appropriate server and click the 'Login' button.

Day Trading is when a trader buys and sells on the same day.

He doesn't hold his position overnight or for a week, etc.

Yes, yes. Yes. To select the display, press the 'f' symbol on the chart window.

Your user ID and password are wrong.

Variable spreads as low as 0.9 pips are available. We don't re-quote: our clients get the market price that our system gets right away. More information about our spreads and conditions can be found her.

Margin is the amount of money needed in your broker account to secure an open spot. To keep your positions open, different brokers need different amounts of margin money.

A long position is a purchase position, which means that this position will be in profit if the rate of exchange rises. A short position is a selling position, which means that this position will be profit-driven if the currency rate goes down.

Yes, that's it. You can secure your trading account positions. When you open a LONG and a SHORT on the same instrument, hedging takes place simultaneously.

Position can be opened when covering Forex, Gold and Silver even when the margin level is under 100% because the margin requirement is zero.

Yes, we are.

We refer to a swing high as a three-bar high, where the middle candle creates a high point, and the two adjacent candles close at a lower height. Swing down is the opposite.

It refers to a business entered and sold on the same trading day.

For a Bullish Candle this is another term.

This is another Bearish Candle reflection.