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In particular, it is not owned by anybody. Forex is a decentralized market, Forex is an inter-bank market, which only involves two players, the seller and the buyer. Forex will be here as long as the existing banking system exists. It is not associated with any particular country or organization of government.

We are already discussing this, and there are four sessions in the forex market, often in Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. We are already talking about the market for forex.

Yes, Bonds (Tokyo Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange (LSE), and Hong Kong Stock Exchange) are very popular in the United States (NYSE, NASDAQ, NYMEX, GLOBEX and others) (HKEX).

You can invest in several kinds of currencies with Yazhi Market – there are indeed more than 60+ pairs in Yazhi Markets that are available Let us examine some of your possibilities closely.

Major Currency:

The most traded currency pairs are called ‘major' currency’ and they compose about 80% of the entire foreign exchange market.
Note that they all include the USD. These major pairs are:

Cross pairs:

Cross pairs (‘Crosses pairs’) that do not include the US Dollar are commonly known as ‘cross currency pairs. A few examples will be:

Exotic currency pairs are made up of one major currency and a currency of an emerging economy. Examples would be

While a demo account can also provide all features and functions on a real account, keep in mind that simulation cannot replicate actual trading conditions. One important difference is that the volume carried out by simulation does not affect the market; while in actual trading volumes, especially where deal size is large, the market is affected. For real trading accounts the speed of implementation is the same as for the Yazhi market demo accounts.

In addition, the psychological profile of users is very different, depending on whether they trade with demo or actual accounts. The evaluation conducted with the demo account could affect this aspect. We advise you to be cautious and not to indulge in findings from the use of a demo account. More information on demo accounts is available here.

Press Ctrl + T on your keyboard to open the terminal window and then select the History Account tab. Right click, allows you to save your business history as a .html file, so that when you log out from your trading platform, you can view it later.

Good judgement trading is exactly the opposite of the Black Box system. It is a complete understanding of the market and its ever-changing environment. It is a clear trading methodology that uses high probability. When a trader is educated, he no longer makes a shotgun approach to the market. It takes a very focused 'rifle and target' approach.

Emotions are where money is involved. A lot of people are quite knowledgeable about trading, but they can't handle emotions. Your emotions are going to be your biggest obstacle to successful trading. It's not techniques. You can't trade emotionally to be a successful trader. You have to trade logically. Our egos drive us to succeed 100 percent of the time, but in reality, no one succeeds 100 percent of the time. Not even the professionals, either. Successful professional traders clearly understand that the market is about logic, not emotion. They trade logically, not emotionally.