Trading symbol

The ticker symbol refers to Gold: XAU/USD

The ticker symbol refers to West Texas Intermediate or Crude Oil.

These ticker symbols refer to the Dow Jones symbol.

Fear Of Missing Out, man. This is one of the great enemies of inexperienced traders.

Short form of Reward/Risk.

Non-Farm Payment.

U.S.A-Federal Open Market Committee.

Refers to a daily candle with a lower high and lower than the previous daily candle, and usually signals a continuation of the trend.

Correlated pairs are two currency pairs that tend to move together. As in the case of EUR/USD and GBP/USD, NZD/USD and AUD/USD generally move in tandem.

Yes, however trading can be extremely risky at that time.

Spreads are known to increase under volatile conditions, not by our side, but by our liquidity providers.

Yes, you can find our news feed here, too.

Daily comments in the Daily Market Analysis section.

  • - Live Calendar for Economics.
  • - Feed news in our news calendar for the Forex.
  • - Market updates in our market analysis videos section regularly.
  • - Every quarter the market estimate is published.
  • - Annual overview of the market.

Yes, that's possible. EAs are supported by all our trading platforms.

To add an expert advisor (EA), the first option to open the MT5 Client Terminal is to click File at the top of the navigation menu. Click on MQL5 and Experts in the open data folder. You can add the expert advisers in the expert folder (EAs). In the Experts folder, paste the.mq5 or.ex5 EA file. After this is finished, restart MT5 by closing and reopening it

Yes, yes.

Select 'Tools' and then 'New Order' from your trading platform.

In the new window, you can find the required information.

Click on the trade to end with the right/double click.

Click Close and then click OK when the order window is opened.

In the 'Account History' tab you can view all closed positions.

Yes. Yes.

Yes, the hedging is named.

You can test your business strategy by opening a demo trading account in order to see what kind of performance you can achieve using this specific strategy. You can also check back on past price data and see how many times you'd won and lost, based on your trade strategy and the settings. You can also check back.

You must first try out various trading types and techniques to see which ones work best for you, and then back test before you find one that reliably works. Since everybody has a different trading personality, it does not need to work for everyone else except yourself.

Equity – Used Margin = Free Margin {Free Margin = (Equity*Exposure) - Used margin}